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Men's Huggie Hoops

Men's Huggie Hoops

Huggie Hoops are one of the strongest trends in jewelry right now. They are becoming increasingly popular with men, replacing diamond studs as the fashionable men’s earring. Even celebrities are getting in on the look. What is it that makes huggies so desired?

The most obvious answer is the style. Huggie hoops don’t just look good, they look good with anything. Coming in a variety of styles and colors, these hoops can go from the office to a night out in an instant. They’re also discreet enough to wear while playing sports. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is often spotted wearing a pair on the field, showing just one of the many places you could wear these hoops.

Two images of  Eagle's quarterback Jalen Hurts in huggie hoops

Another reason is their versatility. As mentioned above, huggies can be worn almost anywhere, including the sports field. They can also be worn by anyone; huggie hoops are small and unobtrusive, which makes them perfect for men and women. If you want something understated and classy, huggies are a great choice.

The last reason is comfort. Huggies are named such because they hug the earlobe. This means they stay exactly where they’re supposed to, and don’t swing or hang. If you’re a man that’s not used to wearing earrings, that’s okay! Huggies are hinged, so they go on similar to studs. It’s easy to forget you even have your huggies on - and that’s a good thing!

Our model Riley next to an image of our 12 millimeter huggie hoops in the 12 millimeter diameter

For all these reasons and more, huggies are becoming the hottest style of men’s earrings. Want to get in on the trend? Shop our huggie hoop collection now! We have tons of great styles and colors from which to choose. You’re sure to find the perfect pair of huggies for you!

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