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The Next World: How Millennials Will Shape Retail By Vasco Brinca

Posted by Arianna Banks on

The following is an article by By Vasco Brinca originally posted on http://www.mytotalretail.com/article/next-world-millennials-will-shape-retail/   Around the world, the view of the “typical” consumer is being turned upside down as the first wave of millennials begin to reach their peak buying power. Millennials are a significant demographic cohort in almost every global market, and in the United States they already account for an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual spending. This impact is only positioned for growth. In a recent global study of more than 7,000 millennials and Gen Xers, Daymon Worldwide has identified the top five traits of millennial shoppers that retailers and...

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How to Actually Take Care of Your Piercings

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As any one of the lovely ladies illustrates, adorning one's ears (or face) with piercings remains cooler than ever, no matter your typical style aesthetic. But while they're gorgeous, and a fun way to up your edge, a great collection of piercings requires certain responsibility—and to be honest, it's likely that the aftercare instructions you got at the pagoda in your local shopping mall at age 12 probably aren't the best to follow when it comes to taking care of your new body jewelry. To debunk any residual adolescent myths, we asked J. Colby Smith—the preferred piercer of models, celebs,...

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