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Safe and Sound: Protecting Your Jewelry While Traveling

Safe and Sound: Protecting Your Jewelry While Traveling

Summer is synonymous with vacation. Everyone wants to look their best, but travel can be tricky with jewelry. Here are some do’s and don’ts for keeping your jewelry safe while traveling.

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  • Carry your jewelry in something that doesn’t look like a jewelry bag. Thieves will be less likely to suspect that there’s jewelry inside if they see it.
  • Only take enough jewelry to wear with the outfits you have. The less jewelry you take, the less there is to lose.
  • Keep your jewelry separate and in crush-safe containers. This prevents damage like denting and scratches. Check out our video on how to pack jewelry for more tips.
  • Lay your jewelry out and take photos of everything before packing. This will give you a record of what you have in case something is lost or stolen.
  • Put your jewelry in two or more different containers. If one is lost, you’ll still have the other.
  • Keep your jewelry in the hotel room safe. Our founder, Susan Smith, recommends putting a shoe in the safe that you plan to wear when you check out of the hotel so you won’t leave your jewelry when you check out. If your room doesn’t have a safe, ask the front desk if they have a safe for guests.
  • Put a business card or contact information in the bag with your jewelry, and write “RETURN FOR REWARD” on it. If it gets lost, the person who finds it will know how they can return it.
  • Get your valuable jewelry covered on your home owner’s insurance. Check out our guide to insuring jewelry here.


  • Open your jewelry bag in front of strangers. You never know who could be watching to see where your valuables are.
  • Pack your jewelry in your checked baggage; your bags may come back with something missing. Keep jewelry in your carry-ons and personal bags where you can keep an eye on it.
  • Leave your jewelry in plain sight at the hotel when you’re not there. This is an easy way for your things to get stolen.
  • Leave your bags unattended while traveling. This could result in more than your jewelry being stolen. Always ask yourself if you’re forgetting anything before you leave an area.
  • Take your most expensive jewelry. Try to take pieces you won’t miss too much if they get lost. If you do decide to take an expensive piece, wear it while traveling.

We hope these tips will help keep your jewelry safe and sound. Check out our Travel Collection for affordable and fashionable earrings to take on the road. Thanks for reading!

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