When Not to Wear Hoop Earrings

Posted by Susan Smith on

You can and should wear hoop earrings almost all the time, but there are a few circumstances where you might not want to chance it.


Tip #1: I’m not a big fan of wearing jewelry to the beach, but if you do, remove your hoops before going into the water. Body surfing or swimming can pull the hoop earring right out of your ear and it then joins all the other jewelry at the bottom of the sea that people were silly enough to wear in the water! If you remove your hoops, put them in a pouch you brought for this purpose and then put it in a safe place. 


Tip #2: I wouldn’t wear hoops while participating in any other kind of rough sport, like jet skiing (my own personal experience!), or snow skiing (mostly you would lose it by taking off your cap and pulling your hoop off unknowingly), or any other “rough sport.”


Tip #3: I would even suggest not wearing them when you are actively clothes shopping because putting clothes on and off several times can pull the earrings out, again, when you don’t notice until you get home! 


Tip #4: Don’t wear super big hoop earrings when you are trying to impress someone VERY conservative. If that very conservative person is your boyfriend’s mother or a prospective employer, wait until you get to know them better before you wear the big ones!


Tip #5: Don’t wear super big hoop earrings when you are meeting someone for the first time and you want them to be focused on YOU rather than your earrings.

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